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Is Marijuana Legalization Closer Because Of Medical Injuries?


Marijuana legalization is a vastly talked about subject today. There have been huge calls by thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide to legalize the drug and while that might sound surprising, it’s true. Everyday people want to see a change to the law that states using marijuana is legal; but there are also many who are very much against this change. However, there have been people allowed to grow and sell marijuana to those who need it. Confused? Well, there are some legal growers across the US that is allowed to distribute to those prescribed this. Does that mean legalization is closer?

Why Marijuana Is Used With Some Pain

Marijuana has been used to treat certain medical conditions. People with long-term illnesses and chronic pain often look to use the drug as a relief against pain. However it is worth noting that marijuana doesn’t actually treat any condition but rather helps relieve pain. The drug releases toxins which are like a painkiller, and it’s often something that is said to help those in need. People today can actually go to marijuana dispensaries with a medical prescription.

The Debate Will Rage On

Marijuana legalization is actually a fiery topic. Thousands of people who are against making the drug legal are people who have personally seen the devastation the drug can cause. They have a personal stake in this debate and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Yes, it has been known to treat glaucoma but that doesn’t mean to say it’s any less of a risk to those people. The truth is that you are always going to have people for and against legalization and while there is a lot of consideration over this, governments are taking their time over this. It’s certainly not a decision to be taken lightly.

Will This Be Legal One Day?

It’s almost impossible to say whether or not marijuana will become a legal drug because at the moment there are still so many things unknown and unexplored. There are thousands who stand up and say this should be made legal as it’s helped them manage pain. However, there are also thousands of others who say it merely masks the problem and doesn’t actually help anyone. The truth is marijuana is a drug and there are many risks involved. Marijuana is highly addictive and in the wrong hands it could become lethal too. So will it be legal one day? Some say it’s going to happen because medical marijuana strains help those who need it but is it going to solve all problems? No and legalization isn’t likely within the next year or two either.

One Step Closer, Two Steps Back

While there have been progress made in terms of marijuana being used to treat medical injuries, it hasn’t actually become any more legal than it was ten years ago. There is a big fear that if marijuana was made legal it would do more harm than good. These fears are down to the fact that marijuana has become addictive in recent years and it’s becoming more of a concern than other drug addictions. There may be marijuana dispensaries available in certain areas but usually those who a medical prescription can get the drug – it is no miracle cure.

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