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Medical Marijuana Seeds

Medical Marijuana Seeds Come From all Over the World

Medical Marijuana Seeds 1 Medical marijuana seeds are for sale on the internet – thousands of sites – owners of these sites break the law every time they sell seeds to a customer.

And they break another law when they ship the order to that customer.

And the buyer of these seeds is breaking the law when he receives the package that was shipped to his address – proving he is a lawbreaker because he is now in possession of an illegal substance.

Yes, selling, shipping, and possession of marijuana in any form are illegal – even medical marijuana seeds.
Marc Emery, a Canadian marijuana seed seller, is spending time in a prison in the United States, for his seed selling a business that lasted from 1994 to 2010.

As rich and famous as Marc has become, nobody could believe it when he was actually extradited to the United States and imprisoned.

The laws on marijuana started with the United States passing laws that were never judged by an impartial court – nor was it ever put to a vote of any kind.

The illegalness of outlawing cannabis has been an illegal act against the public, on the first hearing – if the judge had been impartial – REAL judge – he would have thrown it out of his court.

Medical Marijuana seeds 2 Unlike ordinary people, and their short term strategy and rewards systems, the long arm of the world leaders plan their moves in terms of decades even centuries in order to accomplish things so slowly and so subtly, no one can see anything happening.read post here!

Most people know nothing about medical marijuana seeds.

This is the way international movements have evolved, not by the common people of any land, but by the number of wealthy Corporate Persons that make up the richest nations, using their power and money to buy and pressure their way into bigger and more important things.

We can see this since about 1886 – the most powerful rich people teamed up and started a movement toward world dominance. This leadership has been coming from the famous London, Inns of Court -and the United States has never missed a trick.

Corporate persons are not flesh and blood people – a Corporate Person is a small pile of legal papers that give that pile of papers rights that exceed the powers of a REAL person.

The internet is a new testing ground for their skills.

We see the medical marijuana seed sellers are defying the illegality of marijuana – the authorities have allowed the seed sellers to become braver and braver – until Marc Emery hit the headlines – heading to prison.

Will the lawmakers crack down on the thousands of other sellers out there? Is Marc being used to send them a message?

Is it possible for the marijuana advertisers to overpower the powers that be and keep selling their medical marijuana seeds? It is more likely; they could be one by one, just quietly disappear from the web, and end up joining Marc.

The secret police are still alive and well – and thousands of Swat teams are standing by in case they are needed. This issue with Marc Emery could set off some martial law enforcement before it is settled.

Medical Marijuana Seeds 3 No one smokes medical marijuana seeds – but the facts say they could get planted – an illegal plant could come from each one of those little seeds, and that plant can produce some illegal pot that someone could smoke illegally.

Well, so what! What if someone does smoke some harmless pot? It’s never killed anyone in 10,000 years. It doesn’t cause violence – it’s no more danger than a cup of coffee – so what’s the big deal – – – IT’S ILLEGAL – – – and not a soul really knows why!

So seeds are as illegal as any plant or stash – if the plants can’t get started – there will be no pot.

23 million people have been arrested for medical marijuana seeds and pot possession – people that would never harm another person – marijuana does not harm anyone, and it has been a big help to millions of people for their pain and other ailments.

The only real crime related to marijuana is the crime committed by the 1937 government and the administrations since then. Outlawing marijuana was a criminal act against the people of America – it is still an ongoing criminal act.

But since marijuana was outlawed in America, the Legal gossips went to the United Nations to spread their lies and get the illegal status crowned in most all the other nations of the world.

This fact alone proves, the old Republic disappeared in the early 1900’s – and the powerful Corporate Leaders took over – pretending the old American constitution still exists.continue reading this https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20160101/murray-hill/medical-marijuana-goes-on-sale-this-month-are-you-your-doctor-ready

Anyone with half the sense of a 5th grader can see we are at the mercy of some tough competition that doesn’t have any mercy for people that have medical marijuana seeds.

Medical Marijuana Seeds

The internet offers the cheapest cannabis seeds and often you can learn how to grow marijuana seeds from different sites on the internet. There are places you can buy cannabis seed – and if you don’t know how to germinate marijuana seeds, you can find instructions that will help.

If you want medical marijuana seeds – a state marijuana seed bank is the keyword to search – and if it is feminized marijuana seeds you need, you can request them from the state seed bank.

Cheap marijuana seeds are not easy to find – but sometimes you will find a site that offers marijuana seeds for sale at very low prices and a few free marijuana seeds – but be careful of them – ask your caregiver for advice about the cannabis seeds bank.

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