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Medical Marijuana Strains

Medical Marijuana Strains

There are five different medical marijuana strains. These five medical marijuana strains affect the body and mind in different ways. His different verities of medical marijuana strains include indicia, saliva, blends and more.

Blue Dream

This is the first of five medical marijuana strains, and it is heavily Sativa dominant with a little trace of indicia. This strain gets its name from the dark green color of its leaves under heavy trachoma lights.

Of all the medical marijuana strains this one is best for insomnia as well as people with chronic non-life-threatening pain.

Overall, Blue Dream is always in demand at dispensaries and is quite popular with people who have pain or insomnia or both pain and insomnia.view site here!

Green Crack

This has a unique name of all the medical marijuana strains; it is a greenish/orangish color with indicia and saliva. It carries an extremely intense body effect.

This blend of Sativa makes it ideal for people who deal with depression, mental health issue or extreme chronic pain.

Overall of all the medical marijuana strains, Green Crack is a short-acting medicine that is good for people who want quick results.

White Berry

This purple colored medical marijuana strain is ninety percent indicia and only ten percent saliva. It is the best hybrid and its attractive look perks patient’s curiosity.

It is best to relieve any kind of muscle pain or muscle spasms. Perfect for patients with restless legs syndrome.

Of all the medical marijuana strains this one has an “A” Rating, and it is best used at night time because it has an extreme effect on the mind and body.


This strain is a cross of the trainwreck and afghani plan. It has a spicy flavor combined with some citrus flavors.

Of all the medical marijuana strains this one is excellent to enhance appetite, reducing ocular pressure and is perfect for people with glaucoma or chronically ill patients with issues with their appetite.see page at http://www.painnewsnetwork.org/stories/2015/12/25/finding-the-right-strain-of-medical-marijuana

Overall this indicia is difficult to keep in stock at medical marijuana dispensaries because it is so popular.

Medical Marijuana Strains

Canna Sutra

This is the final of five medical marijuana strains. It is Sativa dominant and incredibly sweet.

This strain is good as a sexual performance aid, bronchial dilator and as a mood elevator. It is often prescribed for people with asthma to be used in a vaporizer.

Overall, it is also extremely popular as well in many medical marijuana dispensaries.

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